Mutoh has started shipping the successor models for the VJ-1324 and VJ-2638 Sign and Display printers, the new single head 1.37m (54”) wide ValueJet 1324X and the dual head 2.6m (102”) wide ValueJet 2638X.

These printers were engineered and manufactured in Japan. The printers incorporate high performance micro piezo head technology. The ValueJet 2638X incorporates two print heads mounted in a staggered configuration, whereas the VJ-1324X includes a single print head.

The print head can produce ink droplets as small as 3.5 up to 35.2 picolitres. Each variable drop print head has eight channels with 180 nozzles perchannel, comprising four colour section ready to produce top print quality at high output speeds.

Integrating Mutoh’s industry-leading Intelligent Interweaving (i²) and new revolutionary DropMaster print technology, new printer cosmetics and professional RIP software, the VJ-1324X & VJ-2638X deliver unmatched print quality and the highest level of print automation. Both printers can be loaded with Mutoh Eco Ultra or Universal Mild Solvent inks to deliver sellable production speeds at 720×720 dpi up to 16.4sqm/h (VJ-1324X) and 39.0sqm/h (VJ-2638X), no matter whether you are printing on vinyl or banners.

The ValueJet X series printers are targeted at long term outdoor and indoor sign and display applications such as posters, banners, backlit signage, wall coverings, point of sale displays, fine art reproductions, vehicle graphics, stickers and much more.

For the UMS inks, Mutoh recently obtained a pan European Indoor Air Comfort Certificate, which makes the inks ideally suited for the production of certified indoor deco prints.
To cope with higher print volumes, the ValueJet 2638X is equipped with a heavy-duty motorised unwinder/winder 100 system for media rolls up to 100 kg, whereas a newly designed torque-controlled motorised 30 kg take up system is available for the VJ-1324X.
Specifically developed for Mutoh’s latest generation ValueJet printers, DropMaster is a revolutionary print automation technique which eliminates the need for cumbersome and time consuming media dependent printer adjustments. Knowing the media thickness and consequently the drop-throw distance between print head and media surface, DropMaster is capable of automatically recalculating and adjusting the uni/bi-directional fire timings. The technology does this regardless of resolution and print speed. DropMaster leads to an overall spectacular increase of image definition and smoothness and to significant time savings for the operator.